Vore games

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The Switch debut of Nintendo's flagship fighting game series brings together every character from the series' history, bringing the roster to over 70 fighters.

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Lag Studios' first-person adventure game where players traverse the room mansion of the cute ghost girl, Spooky; there they encounter disturbing specimens and various send-ups of classic video game horror and modern "YouTube-bait" horror tropes. Collectively known as "Super Smash Bros. Two players engage each other in swordplay and hand-to-hand combat in this indie fencing game. McPixel clicks on things in his environment to prevent things from exploding!

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Pit is brought vore games to life, now in 3D. Using clubs, staffs, arms, bows and a variety of other weapons, the loyal angel fights a host of old and new enemies in an all-new adventure. The first Mario sequel in over 15 years to appear on the same console as its predecessor, Mario is back in the galactic platforming game, ed by Yoshi as he explores additional planets with new mechanics, power-ups, and boss battles.

Traverse the nine circles of hell in Visceral's action game named after the first cycle of Dante Alighieri's epic poem The Divine Comedy. A Boy and His Blob, a two-dimensional puzzle-platformer has been referred to as "inspired by" and a "rebirth" of the now twenty-year-old original rather than a straightforward remake.

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Plants Vs. Zombies is an action-strategy tower defense-style game developed by PopCap that tasks the player with surviving an onslaught of the undead by growing plants on their lawn. Players control an unusual entity named BOY in surreal, randomly generated, physics-based sandbox worlds.

Mario and Luigi must save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil doings of Fawful, with the unknowing help of King Bowser. New Zealand Story Revolution is a DS remake of the original New Zealand Story, featuring updated graphics, new level des, and touch-screen controls.

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Strap vore games your fighting shoes and get ready to brawl on the Wii in the third installment of the Super Smash Bros. The second remake of the hit Xbox game, Sigma features enhanced visuals and a bevy of gameplay tweaks to vore games on its predecessors. Anniversary is a remake of the original Tomb Raider game, running in the engine from Tomb Raider: Legend.

Lara Croft as she travels the world on her very first adventure all over again! As the Dark Prognosticus foretold, Mario travels to faraway lands to put a stop to the nefarious Count Bleck. The Squeaks have stolen Kirby's cake. It's time to get it back. Legend is the first entry in the reboot of the series and is the first Tomb Raider game developed by Crystal Dynamics after they took over the role from Core De.

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Vore games

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Why are There So Many Vore Levels in Video Games?