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Ever since high school, even the end of middle school, I've been horny. I've fantasized about gagging on a man's cock then having him pound me from behind for years. I didn't act on it until my freshman year of college. I still wasn't about to give up my virginity that night, but he got me to agree to a blowjob. I found though, when he was nice and hard and ready to fuck me, I didn't really want to stop sucking. I enjoyed it.

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I could feel his veins pulsing underneath my lips and the hot skin. He didn't complain one bit, he complimented me even. Called it the best blowjob he ever got. Ever since I've preferred blowjobs to actual sex. Now, summer before my junior year in college I had a new boyfriend. Jonathan, that's his name. Normal guy, engineering major, loves his video games. That's where our story starts. I used to play Call of Duty and Gears of War with him and all the other games but then he broke it to me, I was terrible.

That's when I settled for simply making out with him while he played. Everyone's happy.

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Until one day, I wasn't. We were at video game sex stories apartment, chilling, playing games, his arms are wrapped around me and the controllers in front. The funny thing about the controller was, it was new, video game sex stories I sort of noticed it was vibrating.

It was dangerously close to my crotch area, but to be honest I didn't mind. It felt pleasant. A plastic vibrating I felt myself getting wet. We did our usual make out while he played he was great at multitasking but that thing kept vibrating. Little vibrations, nothing huge but I felt it bouncing inches from my clit.

I was only in my panties it's my boyfriend's place I'm not going to have a lot of clothes on and so I slid my hand under my panty waist and readjusted myself so I could easily finger myself. I had only just touched it when Jon said to me, "I could easily pause this and help you out with that.

I hooked his athletic shorts with my fingers and I pulled them down, his cock already stiff from watching me finger. I shook my head and put the controller back in his hands. I grazed my fingers over his long shaft and said. How long can you keep playing with me sucking? I gave one more smile before finally licking the tip of his dick, making it fully hard again.

I love to tease first, giving him short quick licks on every inch of his cock, few kisses here and there too. Jon has always been a little self conscious about the amount of hair he has, so he did shave regularly. Right now it wasn't exactly smooth as silk, but the short bristles were better than the curly mess I usually dealt with.

I circled the head of his cock with my tongue, and his hand went from playing to my head, pushing my straight black hair from my face. While I moved his hand away from my head with one hand, I began to fondle his nuts with the other. I slid both my hands video game sex stories his ass and grabbed his cheeks, pulling him forward to get easier access to his balls while massaging the flesh. Another thing I loved about Jonathan was his ass. I don't know how much he worked out, but even in his standard basketball shorts it looked fantastic.

I also pushed his shirt up until he got the hint I wanted him completely naked. He didn't have perfect abs, not even close but I found them sexy in their own way. Pretty hairy but that's just my preference. Anyway, once I had licked every inch of his dick, changing between short teasing ones to long pleasurable ones, I gripped him.

He wasn't immensely thick but he was long, easily 7 inches. I slowly fisted up and down his length, giving the little spot under the head special attention with my hot, wet tongue. It wasn't until I felt precum dribbling out that I actually put it in my mouth, savoring the warmth and saltiness of it as I began to suck. I heard my boyfriend's breath get faster and he moaned.

I saw as I was looking up at him that his fingers were trembling, a telltale of him about that cum. Yet another thing I loved about him, he didn't last very long. I know a lot of girls find that irritating in bed, but when I'm sucking him like this I like knowing he likes it, a lot. I took my mouth away from his long shaft and whispered in my sexiest voice. I started on his left one first, batting it a little with my tongue, playing with it but not yet sucking. My hand still pumped slowly, not fast enough to make him cum yet. After a few seconds of that, moving my tongue on his left one, I moved to the right.

This one I treated differently, sucking on it immediately, putting it in my mouth and licking it wildly. He was dying quite a bit, but god bless him for trying. I kept paying attention to him, one nut then the other, treating them differently each time, once loving and slow, then sucking harder than you can imagine.

My hand was getting slower now since I was distracted from sucking his nuts, so Jon helped himself, furiously jerking his long meat shaft. I took his hand away and deepthroated him for a second, so he could get a teaser of what's to come. Don't worry. I stuffed his cock down my throat and moaned.

I egged him on, sure that the buzzing of me talking would send him over. Shoot it down. I heard him whimper once then it started. The biggest load I've ever swallowed went down my throat. I moaned loudly, taking it all. I sat on his lap now, wrapping my arms around his neck. What idiot tells his girl she's terrible at video games, you encourage game playing not put her down. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now!

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HornyReba 5 Stories. That thing is just vibrating a little. I see. Jonathan kissed my neck lightly. Try to concentrate. I smiled again and got to my knees in from of him.

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Jonathan shook as he came, still groaning. He grabbed his shirt and pulled me into a long hard kiss. Please rate this story. Bookmark Story. Follow Author 12 Followers. Send Private Feedback One Comment. Post as: Anonymous. Quarrelling with Kaylee He tries to resist his girlfriend's little sister. Game Night Lucas learns some things from his friends.

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Video game sex stories

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