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Link has always been a brave soul, thanklessly fighting off evil time and time again to ensure peace, prosperity, and safety to the citizens of Hyrule. Once again the world is safe, at least for now - but Princess Zelda calls upon Link to go on a quest to find a lute and a piece of sheet music in a cave. This song, called the Song of Sex, has tremendous power - literally any female that it is played in front of will become overwhelmed with sexual desire, desperate to get fucked by the closest thing with a cock.

So, naturaly, needing some relaxation and sex after working so hard to ensure safety for everyone, Link is ready to get his dick wet.

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Travel all across the land of Hyrule and serenade the beautiful women of the land with the song - they'll be unable to resist its power and will eagerly suck and ride Link's hard cock until they work out every last drop of hot cum for it. Link will certainly love finally getting shown some gratitude for his tireless efforts to keep everyone safe! Registered users can comment and rate games, contact other users, create favorite lists and more!

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Twilight sex games

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