The inseminator game

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This is the wiki for Flash Visit the flash's index for basic data and a list of seen names. Basically impossible to not get laid there it seems. I got women impregnated with the quote "Casanova wouldn't have done better", a Diploma that just says Dr, and a trophy with a pair of panties.

Is there anything past this? File: the-inseminator. I remember there was something similar in concept to this, but you played as an anime boy with green hair instead. That one was better. Feels good. I hope you enjoy it. I think it's pretty good. Marked for deletion old. I have dreams.

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Twice this happens. Because of the debt I cannot eat, therefore can't do anything else and lose the game. I used to play those all the time, but nobody ever made anymore.

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Also why the fuck does the game give no indication of whether or not you are actually gaining something? Why is the test near impossible? You end up at random scenes in the game. I almost had it. When it exceeds 30 you commit suicide. Get 30 and you lose the game. So just keep taking a lot of baths to avoid dying. There is no secret. The only winning move is to not play. Game is broken. Eat moldy mayo. Go on vacations for much easier girls with no chance of lawsuits.

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Either place will do, but snow land is cheaper. Chatting up girls seems random as fuck. Is there supposed to be anything there? I'm at now and can't buy food lol. So if you don't use your spare health to take bathes to stave off the stress eventually you'll just have a breakdown. It's hacking time.

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SetVariabl e "cash", This game sucks. Why would you want to cheat at it? Because it's a crappy game and nobody wants to waste time having to deal with all of it's crap. I thought cash was good enough. The script should be the only thing in it. Does that help? Especially when he eats cake. Do you have to do well on the test, or is just taking the class enough? Think of it as action replay. Also appearantly the max isn't and that will freak your game out after a little while and make everything infinite.

Have a screenshot. Also, that wasdidn't work because it exceeded maximum day or some shit.

The inseminator game

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