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I don't currently have an android device to test on, or know how to easily package. I will look into multiple platforms after the game is further along. Next should be zombie hounds in v0. For everyone having problems. Download the game and the patch and put both. Extract the game, then extract the patch. If the. Definitely will be in the game.

The women in the game will gain the ability to breed with beasts and non-humans as part of the story at some point.

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Good to hear : Thought it would fit right in with the direction you are going. Hope you continue to enjoy working on it. Having lots of fun working on TD, probably the most enjoyment I've gotten out of any project so I think I'll be working on this for quite a while.

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I've got lots of plans for it and many cool things coming up in time. Good to hear that I'm not the only one who want to see Miss Tiffany and Magnum's love-child! Without downloading, playing flash version in a browser, but the beast content isn't working. There isn't a flash version supported by me. I don't know how to install beast content to a version like that, that I terminal desires game make.

Grrat work bro Coming up in future versions for sure, you'll be able to get the other girls involved as well :. Well, the online version wasn't ed by me so I'm not entirely sure. When will we be able to play past day 2? I would love to see Tiffany with a pregnant belly and have babies. Is this coming anytime soon? Keep up the great work! Just an idea that I've seen in other games. What if you put a little adult website ad in-game? So they can become patrons as well For example: adultsexgames patronize a game so in it there's an URL with terminal desires game and brand of the site.

Congrats man for reaching your goal! Hope you'll find a good helping hand who soon become an excellent co-worker! Thanks, I found someone, but now I can afford to pay them to properly help. Hoping I will have a chance to make the game parts more exciting going forward. Wow man Next beast content will probably be zombie hounds in v0. I need to tell more of the zombie story in the next 2 updates. But there will be plenty of beast content in the future with Jasper, the horses, and many more creatures yet to be introduced.

Yes, I want to get a voice actress to do some lines for Tiffany and then the other girls later as well. But it's difficult and time consuming to find and cast someone who's comfortable with all these fetishes, and has a voice that fits the role. I may add some random moan effects in the meantime, until I can find someone. It doesn't give me the propmpt to replace the files. Does it work differently when I use 7-Zip File Manager?

What files do I need to overwrite? Overwrite all of the files that come in the beast patch download. I don't know about 7-zip. I use winrar. It's free. More Hitomi content will be coming in the future of course, same with all the other girls. Patrons actually selected her name, but yes, I assume that was why it was suggested for her. Loving this game! Went back through for a different option choice now that I downloaded the Beast patch, but I can't seem to trigger Jasper's spawn in the side alley.

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Is there a specific order of quests or areas you need to visit to ensure he spawns? Hard to tell since some content is not attached to a quest, but probably. The game has barely gotten started yet. It's just "v0. It's up for the public now Yes, that's exactly how you transfer the saves. You just copy the "save" folder from the old version's 'www" folder to the new versions "www" folder and overwrite everything.

It is probably best to wait for the full version since a couple of scenes are missing from the BETA. Sounds like it wasn't installed correctly. Did it ask you to overwrite files? Either that, or you need to enable the beast content in game with the key item "toggle fetish content". The exact steps to install are on this.

You download the game, then install the patch on top overwriting about files. There are only 2 possibilities here, the files were not copied correctly, or you have the patch disabled in-game. However, you must have the patch enabled, because you wouldn't see the message to download the patch in the first place.

I can see them just fine on the site, however, the same images are included in the download for the beast patch, so you should already terminal desires game them if you downloaded the patch. I have no idea what you mean when you say you can't even see the instruction images? What do you mean the instructions are black? Both here on the blog and the ones you downloaded?

That doesn't seem possible that you can't even view png files. You seem to be the only one with this problem so it must be something on your end. Perhaps me a screenshot of the problem and I can help better there than in these comments jimjim3dx gmail. The full version of v0.

There's no v0. It doesn't include everything because it's mostly terminal desires game help test and give me feedback. In about 2 weeks I will be releasing the full version 0. The public will get it around when v0. I'm glad you like the game and the scenes with the Sewer Zombies, as well as with Jasper and Hitomi. There will be more of that coming up in later versions. As for the Patreonthere's no need to be a patron every month unless you can afford to support the game, though I of course appreciate everyone who supports me however they can.

I will always release the versions for free here when the new ones come out for patrons so eventually you can get the whole game for free, but plan on working on it for a long time.

Terminal desires game

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