Reddit happily embarrassed

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My weird nickname is Jeeb. From my almost equally weird middle name Najibullah. Fun fact, ajeeb in Hindi directly translates to weird or strange, so i suppose it is a weird nickname.

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Also jeeb translates to tongue. Yeah when I was a kid I said we couldn't use my real name when playing online cause I was super afraid of predators finding me from just my first name for some reason, so my best friend called me Burnie spur of the moment and it's been my online name ever since.

It's always been cookie. It's been cookie for generations. I had a denim trench coat that I wore all the time in high school and someone I didn't know called me Matrix once, but it didn't stick. Perhaps it was because I was a klutz and bumped into stationary objects on a frequent basis. I like to think you and I would have been friends, but I would probably be too intimidated to approach Neo. Also, trench coats? What spurred that on?

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I feel embarrassed as well as happy. Posted by 5 months ago.

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Continue this thread. Ooo I like the way you think. Someone get a priest. My friend literally just calls me fat :. Passed down the cookie family line for generations? Yeah, dork face.

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It's fun getting new nicknames as you get older. More posts from the wholesomememes community. Welcome to the wholesome side of the internet!

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Reddit happily embarrassed

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Dear Reddit, what is your all-time most embarrassing moment?