Queens legacy game

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In Legacy of Queens players are brought into a world of beautiful warrior queens, each of which are in need of your help and willing to give you their blessings as payment for your assistance. Players can create a character from one of three classes: knight, ranger, or assassin. Knights charge headlong into the fray, able to take massive amounts of damage with their great resilience and sturdy armor.

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Rangers can attack from afar with a high chance of critical hits and are best utilized keeping their opponents at a distance. Assassins like to get up-close and personal, using their high evasion to dodge attacks while dealing lethal strikes. Your character can later be customized with a large selection of costumes, wings, and mounts that will help you craft a one-of-a-kind look. After all, what warrior queen would give her blessing to anything less than the very best?

Create your own unique squad made up of wizards, warriors and angels. You might even be able to persuade some of the queens to you in your efforts and fight alongside you. You can also make other friends as you play, a queens legacy game, participate in team battles, and arrange a wedding if your hero happens to find that special someone amidst the chaotic battles to come. Gather an invincible of troops for your queens, grow stronger with every task you complete, and secure the blessings of the queens.

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Grow in power and enhance your story in Legacy of Queens today! Find us on. Official Site. On your adventures you'll be able to explore dungeons, enter PvP battles, destroy powerful bosses, and become the very best of the best! Available On. Outdated Info? Submit Cancel. Upcoming Games 1. TBA 2.

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Second Extinction TBA 3. Greater Powers TBA 4. Cyborg Mechanic TBA 6. Roadwarden TBA 8. Star Dynasties TBA 9. Crimson Desert TBA

Queens legacy game

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