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Views: K. In Personal Trainer, your world is thrown upside down when you walk in on your soon to be wife having sex with another man. Shortly after, you lose your job, and everything in your life falls apart. You end up living with your beautiful cousin Sophie, and that's when you come up with a fantastic idea. There's a gym not far from her mom that's for women only.

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Somehow you're able to convince them that you're gay, and they allow you to work out with all the women. There's so much pussy at the gym that it's next to impossible for you not to get laid. GreatKami - Jun 11, DanD - Jun 08, Captjcksparrow - May 19, Dragonart - May 13, Grey - Apr 13, Alex - Apr 16, Balaji - Apr 19, D3 - Mar 30, Shadow - Feb 25, Polichien - May 06, Guardian - Mar 26, Fall Fable game - It's the first day of school, and the protagonist has, for some reason, has to take remedial lessons.

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He passed all of his classes, but he's still got to tak Int Confined with Goddesses, the main character has a girlfriend, but he's thinking about cheating on her. There are these four sexy girls who are always around him. Could he In Deviant Anomalies, a snowstorm blankets the city you live in with an unimaginable amount of snow. The storm unlocks a wave of supernatural activity that no one can explain Assassin's Haven game - There are two types of people in this world, and you're either a Normie or an Assassin. You were once a normie, but now you're an assassin.

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It happened Personal Trainer Views: K. If error while loading, please. Rating: 5 Votes: Rate this game:. GreatKami - Jun 11, Fuck wrong with sophie at the park. DanD - Jun 08, When will be the update posted? Captjcksparrow - May 19, It sucks there is no ending with Amy, just stops at hey I am pregnant. Dragonart - May 13, Wait what? Way Too Much going On for this to be Over!

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So many directions for this story to go! Is there sequel? Good Job. I thinks its the right amount of everything. Grey - Apr 13, How to save the game so as not to play everything again? Alex - Apr 16, Export and import the saves. Balaji - Apr 19, Do they cost money?

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D3 - Mar 30, That story, was fucking amazing, you had no reason to make it so loving like that. So thank you. Polichien - May 06, What are tags? Guardian - Mar 26, Either import before starting game or go to main menu and then start again. Show more Similar Games. Fall Fable [v [0. Confined with Goddesses [v [0. Deviant Anomalies [v [0. Assassin's Haven [v [0.

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Personal Trainer – New Final Version (Full Game)