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But don't worry. We recommend to install X-Opera - a fast Flash-capable Chromium-based browser. With X-Opera you can play any flash game or animation without a problem. The Mr Pinku Game X. Support the game by sharing on social media. Rate the game: 5 4 3 2 1. This is a story of three boys who fool arounds unvolontarily bringing chaos and pleasure all around them.

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This time, they've decided to play vicking and vandalize a church. Help them escape and get rewarded with nasty scenes. Game loading. Hide this guide. Name: Register Your Comment:. Jonny this game is awesome, can't wait for chapter 2. Grisette damn that was funny and if I had to be a nun the girls and boys would never have time to study. Hillfingr lmao, thats fun. ChubbyTease Pretty funny ; View my profile. ChubbyTease Check my profile. Alexandra Baby funny game :.

IrenneBaby kind of funny actually. Anon The scene with the girl and mr pinku games, when it ask you to play the dong dong again keep saying yes and skipping until you get another pop up. Strike Happy Ending: this is the way Hillfingr Very Lame!!!! Anonymous how do you trigger the hidden scene? Nobby dariaolsen: Nice pic. Let me lick your cunt :-p. Nobody Actually i find this game pretty good and pretty well done. Psil Amazing Choppers Very god :D! BOTI It was toooo fun. S It is not the best. But it is funny as hell.

Mike24 Game sucks but im still horny Girls Check out my profile if u wanna skype. Lily Throng hmm. Kinda gets me wet. Anonymous wait nose head. The blue hat under skirt code Scratch nose, wait, scratch head. Anonymous Nice game when you all trough. Kit Kat haha jokes but i still need help. Kit Kat very hot scenes! Wait, this isn't LoK.

Madlord C'mon, I know GoD doesn't have very high standards but this is just pathetically bad. Anonymous this is just crap, not worth your time. Gaddez Wtf is this?

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Anonymous so you are the dick! Anonymous all the nuber dicks better shut the fuck up cause am numa 1.

Mr pinku games

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