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The game starts in the same year as the original did, but with a twist. Thirty years prior to this, the Great Disaster occurred. This consisted of a monster girl quest games strange and world-shaking events, the most notable being the disappearance of the Goddess Ilias. Needless to say, the entire world monster and human alike was stunned by this. Since then, monsters and humans have mostly decided to get along - a major departure from the original game. Luka the hero of the original game has a dream of Ilias, the night before his baptism.

She is apparently using all of her power to send him a message that things have gone horribly pear-shaped in the world, and hints that it's the reason for her apparent disappearance. Luka wakes up wondering what it means. Of course, as in the original game, he nearly misses the baptism again, instead choosing to save a villager being attacked by a slime. But he now finds both Alice and Ilias in childlike forms fighting each other and believing each is responsible for their respective Baleful Polymorph into childlike bodies.

Finally, he receives one last message from Ilias during his baptism - that he's the world's only hope. Unlike the last game, this is an actual roleplaying game instead of a visual novel with roleplaying elements. The game has elements of Dragon QuestShin Megami Tenseiand Suikoden incorporated into the gameplay mechanics, though it retains several Visual Novel like elements. The game consists of three parts, or chapters. Part 1 was released on 14 Marchwhile Part 2 was released on 23 June Both parts have been completely translated into English. As of Novemberthe latest version of the English translation can be found here.

There's innumerable sidequests, and roughly companions in Part 1 alone to recruit and train. Abandoned Mine : Several examples. Usually, you find mineral sources here, which unlock a line of equipment. Action Girl : The vast majority of enemies and allies are female. Alice Allusion : Even more than the game, to the point that there is an actual character called the White Rabbit, who le Alice around. All in a Row : Party members follow the party leader in this manner.

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This le to amusingly-long lines if your active party includes characters that appear as separate sprites on the map, like the Sluggy Stars or Nefertiti Lamias. Alternate Universe : The entire game obviously takes places in an alternate universe to the original game. However, many other alternates come into play over the course of the game.

Always Accurate Attack : Some attacks are 'certain-hit', and cannot miss or be reflected. Always Check Behind the Chair : Practically any object in the game can have an item hidden: cupboards, pots, barrels Amazon Brigade : The vast majority of companions are female, and you can easily make the entire active party female though Luka has to be in the party somewhere.

Additionally, most enemies is female. Animated Armor : The Armoured Berserker gives this impression. Anti Frustration Feature : The game has many sidequests, but these are helpfully listed on a notice board in monster girl quest games Pocket Monster Lord's Castle, so you can keep track of them. The Evaluations return from the original game, giving you advice on how to handle enemies after you lose to them. You can change difficulty at any time by talking to Reaper. Since you're automatically taken to her whenever you die, this lets you immediately lower the difficulty if it proves too much for you.

When shopping for equipment, there's a menu that shows you how equipping a particular piece of equipment would affect the stats of your party members, helping you make decisions on what to buy.

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The potential of recruitable characters in the game is enormous over in Part 1 alone. To avoid a case of Can't Catch Upcharacters in the reserve party receive Leaked Experienceso any that fall behind can be leveled up quickly and safely. Prior to most bosses, there's a magic circle or other means of restoring the party's HP and MP to full. Apocalypse How : A potential Multiversal example.

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At least one Universal example succeeds, the destruction of the world with the Administrator's Tower. Arbitrary Headcount Limit : 4 in the active party and 4 in the reserve party. Supposedly, this is because it's impractical to travel with a larger.

In Part 2, the reserve party limit is raised to 6 and later to 8. It's even more arbitrary when one considers that some party members are multiple people, e. Nefertiti Lamias four sisters. They even appear as multiple characters outside of the battle screen. Armor Is Useless : Prior to the 2. Due to the enemies' stats increasing indefinitely, they would eventually be able to One-Hit Kill you no matter what armor your characters wear. The 2. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence : Monster girl quest games what the Ascension effect inflicts on its target, though apparently they can be brought back.

The Assimilator : The Apoptosis phenomenon as a whole. It converts normal humans into more of its kind to destroy any inter-dimensional contamination. Asskicking Equals Authority : How monster society functions. It's one of the reasons why Alice is unable to hold on to her throne once she's shrunk.

Attack Reflector : The Reflect buff, and party members may also have an innate chance of reflecting magical attacks. However, some attacks can't be reflected at all. This doesn't stop them from being recruitable. Auto Revive : Some abilities, like Goddess' Protection, give this effect. They only work once per battle. Ax Crazy : Morrigan. It's especially noticeable in comparison to her more level-headed siblings. An Axe to Grind : A weapon type. It has low accuracy, but it ignores the target's defense completely.

Back from the Dead : A of legendary monsters and Monster Lords are revived on the orders of Black Aliceto serve as her army.

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Background Magic Field : One of these was created by the Great Disaster, allowing all humans to use magic. HeinrichMarcellus and Luka, a line of legendary heroes. Ilias created the three Seraphs - Micaela, Lucifina and Eden - from her own holy essence. Each of them is a One Man Armyand while they share no biological relation, the first two do consider each other sisters.

Of course, the union of these families has led to some of the most powerful people in the series. Luka is the son of Marcellus and Lucifina, and it's heavily implied that Nero and Neris are the children of Luka and Alice from an alternate timeline. In both cases, they exterminated the opposite race and force humans to live according to their respective philosophies. Baleful Polymorph : Both Alice and Ilias are transformed into much-weaker child forms at the start of the game.

Justified by them being far more powerful than the party, and holding back. The inhabitants will one-shot you if you try this, however. The Gold region has a set of ruins that can be entered prior to the fourth Tartarus, inhabited by extremely powerful chimeras. You're meant to monster girl quest games this only after finishing the second chapter. The Berserker : The Berserker job. It can also be achieved through the use of the Berserk status effect, which causes the target to do nothing but attack.

Big Bad : The Black Alice of the original universe. After being defeated by Luka and Alice, her dying self was summoned into the Paradox universe due to an experiment performed by the scientists of Remina. Thanks to the White Rabbit drug in her body, she was able to absorb the holy and dark energy used in the experiment and ascend to become a god of Chaos.

Big Bad Friend : A trip via Tartarus to years in the past reveals that, like his descendant in the original gameHeinrich was accompanied on his journey by the very Monster Lord he sought to defeat.

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