Lust epidemic game walkthrough

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Views 7, Downlo File size 3MB. Walkthrough This walkthrough will list the various conversation choices you can make in the game and the consequences th. Votan Ring of Lust 0. Just play through the intro to the firs. Procesul epidemic 1.

Intrebarea nr. According to the frequency of occurrence, a disease that is acquired by man. Carefully read the dialogues. Pick up the coin in the bottom left corner.

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Talk to Simon. Go North. Read the newspaper on the table. Go East, now. In the toilet: touch the sparkle on the west wall. Pick up the Security Access card in the upper left corner. NOTE: everytime you get a Security access card you can right-click and open the map: you can see the green door that you just unlocked this way. Go west. Enter the Northeast lust epidemic game walkthrough green light over it : Take the bottle of water in the upper right corner.

Get out of the room. Go South back to the library. In the library: talk to Val twice. Give her the bottle of water. Go South out of the library. Go West you should be in the chapel foyer, now. Go West to the West Tower. You meet the beautiful Kat. Kat will ask you for a book: Touch the sparkle on the vase north wall : you will get a desk key. Go back to the library E, E, N. In the library go North and enter the Northeast door no light over it : Open the drawer with the desk key touch the sparkle in the upper left corner and use the desk key : you get a new Security Access card.

The new Security card just unlocked another room: get out of the room, and enter the Northwest door green light over it : Take the book on the right. Take the heart container on the left. Get out of the room and go East. Go East: Talk to Mendel. Talk to Amber.

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You just added a red heart to Amber. You can go to Katherine, now. She will have 2 empty heart slots, now. Talk to her and give her the book. Kat will leave and go upstairs: you just added a red heart to Kat. Buddie the security guard will come and throw you out of the west tower. Go to the library and talk to the ladies: Amanda will tell you to investigate.

Go to Andy the creepy dweeb: from library, go north, then east. Talk to Andy. Buddie will react: go west and talk to Simon. Go back to Buddie, hit the sparkle and watch the scene: you grabbed a desk key. Go north, go west and enter the Northwest door: you can unlock the desk now: Hit the sparkle and open the drawer with the desk key: you get a cheap digital camera.

You can investigate, now: get out of the room, go east, go east, talk to Mendel, go south. Read the newspaper on the floor near the trashcan, then follow the arrow go east : watch the scene. Go back to the library. Talk to Amanda: you add a red heart to her. Go and talk to Buddie. Go back to where the toilets are and watch the scene. Go east twice. Mendel left: you can grab the sparkle in the upper left corner next to the chair. Yeah, you grabbed a lust epidemic game walkthrough key!

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Back to the fountain: Mendel is talking to Buddie. Buddie leaves. You can go to the East Tower, now. Get the heart container and the security access card: Do you remember the paper you read in the library? Go upstairs: Get the Kamasutra book: you can now start collecting the s carefully read the instructions. Go down, and down the stairs to the basement: Open the chest using the chest key: you get the wire cutters. Check the electric box: cut the wires using the wire cutters. Go upstairs, then back to the entrance where Mendel is. Buddie will come back: watch the scene.

Go back to the toilets and talk to Andy. Go to the West Tower. Grab them. Go back to the west tower, downstairs to the kitchen: Read the newspaper on the table south wall. Pick up the coin in the bottom right corner. Look at the arrow and open the fridge. Take yogurth. Take strawberry jam. Go back to the library, talk to Val and give her the yogurth. Now you can go to Amber: go to the entrance, then east.

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Talk to Amber and give her the yogurth. Now you can go to your sexy nun: go to the west tower, go upstairs and knock on her door where the arrow is. Watch the scene, then go down to the kitchen. Wander around the kitchen for a while: Katherine will you.

Go back to the entrance. Watch the scene. Grab the yellow raincoat Buddie left. Grab the sparkle on the floor outside the entrance on the left next to the bush : you find the car keys. Go right and check the wires. Then go north and pick up the coin. Go north, then left behind the building until you find out another heart container. Pick it up. Go back to the front. Get back in the building. Go up and watch the scene: you will go downstairs. Go to the east tower and talk to Amber.

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Then north to Andy. Talk to him. Get back to the library. Go back to the kitchen. Open the fridge. You just added a red heart to Val. Go to the toilets. Grab the raincoat. Go out and follow Andy. Go back to Val down to the kitchen. Talk to her: heart her up and add a heart container. Then talk to her. Enter the door green light over it. Watch the scene: you will get a key fob. Get out and pick the coin in the far east corner. Go back to the kitchen and upstairs: watch the scene. Follow them east. Follow Buddie to the east tower and down into the basement.

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Watch him entering a door. Go outside. Back in the building. Give the luggage to Amber in the kitchen. Go to the east foyer the room before entering the east tower. Open the chest using the chest key: you find a bottle of red wine. Go to the kitchen. Talk to Val and give her the bottle of wine.

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Watch the scene and choose Amber.

Lust epidemic game walkthrough

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