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Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Add to collection. Explosions, Experiments, and Espionage. Homeschool Studios. An immersive RPG where you play as female vampire that is rediscovering the world after thousands of years of slumber. Kalyskah Team. Town of Magic. Infernus: The Descent. Play as a succubus fighting to reclaim her power after a year slumber.

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Team Infernus. Spiral Clicker. Click to gain control over girls, and unlock outfits and CGs. Breeding Farm.

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Play in browser. Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms. Transformation game and kingdom management. Strive for Power. Monster Girl Island: Prologue. Lewd City Girls. Town of Passion. In a world of monsters, maidens and magic, you are the faulty apprentice!

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AGL Studios. Third Crisis. Anduo Games. Void Director. Taffy Tales Version 0. Witch Nighto Studio. The Godhood Chronicles. Studio Paper Waifu. Mitch Alexander. Quidget the Wonderwiener 2. Bigger wieners, bigger Nitro brains! Spy text adventure set in a near-future dystopia. Blue Black Studio. Reborn App. Price for Freedom: Avarice. Win over men and women in a sim for the best of Gigolos!!

H games

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