Gay text games

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Varlance is my pen name for my gay erotic fiction creative work. This site is for archiving published work and presenting other projects such as my interactive fiction games. Content warning: The content in these stories and on VarlanceInteractive.

It is not intended for children. The situations described may be unsafe in real life — use good judgement and play safe, sane and consensual. You gay text games play the original here at philome. The game is an interactive fiction game which should take you about 2 hours on a first playthrough. You play as a student in a school that is invaded by demonic forces.

Collect items and rescue characters to proceed through the school! Warning: the content can be quite dark, so pay attention to the content warnings in game. This version includes new material from Outlands and contributions by myself, some changes to the mechanics and choices in the game, and various fixes and improvements.

To play the game, simply run the. You can also play the game on itch. Piers, an out-of-work graduate, takes a job in digital marketing for a Covid conspiracy newspaper. He gets some invaluable digital marketing advice from HypnoHype and learns to love being a content creator. We need more people like him in this day and age, what with everyone losing their he over this bloody plan-demic.

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I adjust my tie to give my fingers something to do. Just kidding.

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I wait patiently, observing him on my laptop screen. Ina Finder, Zander Chen, takes on a difficult case. How do you Find someone who has no aura?

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Zander sat up, his pulse racing, the sheets damp and clingy with sweat. Another nightmare.

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The link is:. This is v1. Please feel free to modify it and distribute it or your own modifications of it, you do not need to attribute it or seek my permission. The link to play it is:. There are 16 endings to find.

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Gay text games

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Chosen, an adult text game with roguelike elements