Boob size game

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Finding a bra you love only to discover its size range stops just before your bra size can be frustrating.

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However, in some circumstances, you may not be totally out of luck. Deviating from your traditional bra size is called the cup size game. But, smaller framed women also have way more bra choices. There are 2 important things you need to know about cup size. The first is that a cup size on one band size is not equal to the same cup size on another band size. In other words, a 32D bra has smaller cup volume and diameter than a 34D bra even though both bra sizes are a D cup. Cup size is a measurement of how far your breasts project from your chest wall.

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Knowing this fact can help you zero in on your correct bra size. For example, you try on a bra and the band feels comfortable, but your breasts are spilling out.

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Keep going up in cup sizes on the same band size until you find the bra that fits. Alternately, the cups fit great, but the band is too big. When you go down a band size, you now know that you need to go up a cup size to maintain the same underwire diameter and similar cup volume Example: Go from a 40C to a 38D.

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The second important point about cup size pertains to women with cup sizes larger than a D cup. Trying to find cup equivalents among brands can be very difficult. They may call their sizing by different letters, but the increases between sizes are uniform. So, as mentioned above, find out how many cup sizes above a D you are. At HerRoom. If you are 4 cup sizes larger than a D cup, you can count 4 sizes from D to find your correct size in that particular brand.

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Just make sure you count the right of sizes above their D and you will have the right size. When a manufacturer grades his patterns to create different sizes for a bra style, he moves the bust points slightly wider with each cup size increase. It is always best to purchase your true and accurate bra size if you want to maximize your proper fit. Learn more about bra cup sizing at HerRoom. The Cup Size Game Apr 21, Comment Name Website. Search for:.

Boob size game

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Large Breast Size when clothed is actually Small Breast Size.