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T4bbo is creating Adult Games. Select a membership level. Access to the Patreon-only feed! Receive information about current progress of games! Access to the older version of games not available to public yet!

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Access to themed bonus images! Super Supporter. You get all the tier rewards Possibility to vote in general polls and feedback polls excluding game content votes Access to the newest version of games 14 days after release! Access to softcore scenes preview of future releases!

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Show more. Mega Supporter. You get all the tier rewards! Possibility to vote in all polls including game content votes Access to the newest version of games 2 days after release! Access to hardcore scenes preview of future releases! Package of all the new animations and images from latest version of the game in 4k resolution! About T4bbo. Download Links: Babysitter v 0. Having trouble with the latest build? Want to give feedback and interact with the team?

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Or do you just want to sit back and chat with the development team and fellow fans our games? If so, then our Discord channel! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there! I would like to welcome you to our Patreon ! My nickname is T4bbo and one thing is sure I love playing adult games! I played almost all of them available However, recently I realised that frequency of those which I really enjoyed playing was rather low.

Therefore I decided to try to create one on my own and I really hope I will do my best to improve these statistics for you. And maybe once we can together change this one-man show into an brand new adult game studio. Hiring people to help develop the game! This goal will help me to improve the quality of the game by hiring the storywriter and editor.

It's always nice to listen to some moans during sex scenes, right? It's expensive to gather large library of erotic sounds of various women and it's also time consuming to add those sounds to videos. This goal will also help me to outsource this work to music artist. Besides me, there will be storywriter, proofreader and music artist working on the game.

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Babysitter patreon game

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