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It is a dating game where you control Danny, who is half-ghost and has superpowers. This code lets you unlock new outfit options, you can customize and have the outfit you like the most for your character. You can make your character look as cool as you want it to be. This code is to unlock all the locked scenes in the game, you do that normally by completing the given tasks and with levels, they unlock in the game but if you want you can unlock them by using this code. Amity Park an amusing game based on the social life of Danny Phantom, a boy who is half-ghost and has certain superpowers and a vigilante who fights ghosts, the game is based on the popular cartoon character of Nick TV.

If you want to rewatch the scenes you can put this cheat code and get access to all the scenes. To get more cash you can use this code, it provides you with with single-use and you can use it as much as you amity park game to stock up some cash. This code allows you to unlock all scenes available in the game which normally you do by completing missions and as you go further it unlocks. The codes may vary from version to version so try them out see which one works for you, these codes are for both PC and androids. Although cheats are available but use them carefully try not to ruin the actual storyline of the game.

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Amity Park