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The protagonist of Dohna Dohna is Kuma, the 2 of Nayuta, the smallest criminal clan in town. Players will need to manage the clan, gather funds, recruit and capture other characters, and fight for supremacy. So one of their main sources of revenue is illegal activity like managing prostitution businesses.

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The game as such includes a sex industry management component as part of its gameplay. Players can train and strengthen their sex workers with items, check up on their mental health, and match them with the right clients for maximum efficiency. And again, the protagonist and its clan are all evil people, so they mainly use the women they captured as sex workers, and players can dispose of those who develop psychological traumas and replace them.

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The game also has Unique Heroines characters, deed by specific character deers, who will bring you much more money than others if you manage to make them work for you, forcefully if you must. Unlocking the H-scenes mainly goes through offering presents to the characters and raising your friendship levels with them.

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Alicesoft also confirmed there are no H-scenes with the male characters. We included the non-explicit screenshots in the gallery below. With that said, this is still an eroge, so some scenes shown in the trailer are a bit raunchy. Update: the trailer was removed then reed. Precising this just in case some have some wild ideas about youtube censoring it or whatever: Alicesoft itself removed it and reed it to add the finished CG of the restaurant scene.

This is a Alicesoft game directed by Ittenchiroku, who also directs doHna doHna. Both Haru Urare and doHna doHna similarly include sex industry simulation and management mechanics. DoHna DoHna was first announced in Alicesoft recently started localizing games by itself and is handling the English localization of Evenicle 2. A Demo is also out on Steam.

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Let us know what you think about it with a tweet! Looking forward to hearing your opinions so we can improve in view of all our future releases. He plays Genshin Impact for the story.

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Frostpunk - Expansions Launch Trailer. Verdun Trailer.

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Alicesoft video games

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